Saturday, 25 June 2011

Recent large painting

It has been ages since I added anything to this blog but I have finally finished this large acrylic painting I did in the final weeks of Michael Winter's classes this semester.  He insisted we get two canvases 700 x 1000 and screw them together to make one large canvas so we could work more freely.  I have been learning Aperture photo-editing software recently and today managed to get rid of the crack between the two canvases.

We were asked to get a photograph of a landscape "looking down" and I thought of this one I took several years ago when taking a hot air balloon ride in autumn.  It is the same tiny photo on the right of this blog. The photo was a jumping off point to paint a picture with everything having a soft misty look like the early work of  Max Meldrum and Clarice Beckett but I insisted on making the balloons sharp and I'm quite pleased with the result.  The sand adds to the texture but wrecks the brushes!

As I have some large paintings around I have decided to change some of the pictures on my walls and this one is now hung.  Some smaller prints have been given away to freecyclers.

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Anonymous said...

Great composition, subject, colour and texture Ruth - as usual, very impressive! It was terrific to see you at the NGA on Fri cheers