Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Australian rural scenes in pastel

I'm posting these two soft pastel paintings I have made recently.  I may not be able to do any more for a while as I am going into hospital for a hip replacement in 10 days time.  There is lots of preparation for this with tests etc. but also getting my house OK since I will not be able to move in certain ways for 3 months due to the danger of dislocation.  I have arranged a housesitter for my two old dogs for 3 weeks while I am in hospital and rehab. and then we will have to manage with some help from friends.  So I'm unsure what place art will play for a while.

This old shearing shed was on a property in Western Victoria where I stayed years ago when bushfires made us evacuate from Halls Gap in the Grampian Mountains.

An old stone house and outbuildings in the country - not sure where.