Saturday, 16 June 2018

Germany and the Baltic countries - photobook

When  you click on the cover of this book there is a link which will take you to the whole book. I have set it up so you can see the whole book in fullscreen mode as I don't expect you to buy a book of my travels.

I decided to make books when someone said that the first thing thrown out when you die are the photos and slides.  I hated the idea of this as it was throwing out 7 years of my life experiences.  I already had kept captions of slides in a database and had bought an excellent scanner when I retired so decided to get to work - a big project!  I know I will not manage to do all countries but as a geographer would do a fair few, starting with the big overland trips I did.  I have done 20 books so far.  I doubt I will ever get to the Australian ones but they are more familiar to most people I know.

I am really enjoying the scanning all my old slides (the scanner & TV are close by so boredom is minimised) as it is my way of reliving my experiences.  After all TRAVEL has been my life!