Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Paintings on Interiors done this year

I attended classes this semester with Michael Winters where we looked at the Australian women artists of Grace Cossington Smith, Margaret Olley and Elizabeth Cummings. The course was about how they treated Interiors as a subject in quite different ways.  The outcome were some acrylic paintings on 100 x 60 canvases using the rooms in my own house.

If interested they have a lot of work on the internet.

Interior - my house

After Grace Cossington Smith, a Sydney artist who used lots of broken colour in her interiors.

Interior - still life in my dining room

This shows a Chinese still life on a piece of Paraguayan lace on my dining table.  It is an interior but not in a particular style.  It was supposed to represent Margaret Olley's detail but is nothing like her  work.

Interior my house

Elizabeth Cummings is still alive in her 80s and shows an amazing use of colour, semi-abstract work but very difficult to get a handle on her style.  There are no straight lines but lots of line variation.

Interior of my house

This painting is on A3 paper and is emphasising space as well as plain flat colour with some collage. I really enjoyed doing this.

Interior of my house

This painting is similar in style but painting in acrylic on canvas.  Fun to do at the end of the course.