Wednesday, 24 February 2016

New Year 2016 has begun

It has been a long time since I posted anything here so thought I had better think about what has been happening.  Summer has been too long and too hot for me with a few milder moments.  But today is 36 degrees again so I am inside with the aircon on.  My little Monty likes it too and is at my feet under the computer, his favourite spot.

Just before Christmas I finally decided it was time to replace my 14 year old Subaru Forester although it hadn't done a lot of kilometres.  The new Foresters were larger and I wanted a more compact AWD car still with the ability to take my art stuff easily from the trolley.  So I am very pleased with my Subaru XV which has the same high clearance as the Forester.  This photo is not great but shows the nice cerulean blue colour.

I also decided on an automatic rather than manual which I have always had. Driving in Sydney late last year was very tiring with so much traffic and gear changing - and I realise I am geting older!

These are a few photos I took in January, two when it was wet showing my ramp from the front door, and some hanging baskets on the back deck.  The snapdragons are cheerful.

My Chinese pistache trees, front and back, are being stripped of seeds and branches by the big white sulphur crested cockatoos.  They look nice but are a menace as the dog gets all the sticky stuff from the tree in his fur and brings it into the house.  And I'm not prepared to sweep it all up every day anymore.

I spent a lot of January watching tennis on TV, especially the Australian Open. It's the only sport I understand as I played it (badly) when young.  But this month my art groups have recommenced so I am busy mid week now.   I'll post some new work later.  Our Wednesday group called Different Strokes is having an exhibition soon.  Sixteen of us are entering.  We all use different mediums and have varied experience.  Here is our invitation, in case anyone local is reading this and would like to come.