Friday, 18 September 2015

Landscape paintings - Monet inspired

Once more I am doing a painting class this semester with Michael Winters.  He always pushes the boundaries and I do art that I would never usually consider.  We have been looking at the work of Claude Monet, such a famous Impressionist painter. Colour and light were so important in his paintings.  I visited his garden at Giverny near Paris, several years ago and this first painting in acrylic was inspired by a photo I took there.  It is 100 x 70cm in size.

Monet's Garden painting

This second painting was done as a diptych - on two canvases put together (140 x 70cm).  The inspiration was from various photos I have taken over several years in the National Botanic Gardens.  This is one of my favourite spots - the rock garden and pond.  Sand was put on the canvas with PVA and then painted with gesso giving a more textured appearance which works well for the rocks.

Rock Garden Painting