Wednesday, 20 February 2013

More pastel paintings

I have started back at art on Wednesdays when a mixed lot of artists paint in whatever medium they want.  We are of varied background and experience in art but have fun together.  Here are a couple of small pastels I have just finished - not masterpieces but I enjoyed making them.

Landscape pastel painting
This is from a photo I took some time ago in the Snowy Mountains.

Correa Manii pastel painting
These beautiful Correa Manii grow in my garden.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Lesser Sunda Islands: ikat weaving cruise

The link to my book was not working properly when I last posted.  But it is now.  So look at the last post and press the 'Find my book here'.  When it comes up press 'Preview' and then you can turn every page and view it.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My first Photo Book

For some time I have been considering scanning a lot of my colour slides and making photo books that can be passed down to my cousin's children.  I hate the idea of all my slides going to the tip when I die.  Having been to over 100 countries since 1968 I have a huge collection of images which are indexed and in filing cabinets.  I used to have a small photo library business.

I chose from the many photo book-making websites as I had seen books from there and had very good recommendations.  I had planned to do a small book from my digital photos while I learnt the Book Smart software you download and work with.  But I couldn't wait to do a big book on a trip by schooner I did in Indonesia in 2006.  I spent several days working on the book while the temperatures were around 40 and I had the aircon on!  The book arrived last week and luckily it turned out well and I am very pleased with it.

Find my book here.  Click the Preview to look through it and buy it if you like.  It looks best full screen.

Filomena Reiss runs this cruise every year and this year's is from 16-29th April.  She does not make a profit as she's interested in helping the weavers on the islands.  If you are interested in the itinerary, cost etc. email  Filomena.