Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Autumn at home

I haven't blogged for quite a while since I have had a lot of visitors with the big Paris Masterpieces Exhibition on here in Canberra. I am also working hard on a tapestry for my assignments. I'll post a painting I recently did soon.

The weather is finally cooling down and autumn is so beautiful here with so many deciduous trees - maybe not as many as in Canada where I lived three years, but still a lot for Australia.

Autumn on my back deck

This was in early April when the Virginia Creeper is always the first to change colour and herald autumn is on its way.  The orange tuberous begonia on the table is a favourite every year.

April in my back courtyard

In late April the leaves from the prunus are falling but many have not yet changed.  A cold snap this week will make them turn and fall quickly.  My rustic wood BBQ has seen a long life.  Convict made bricks are on the walls behind.

My dogs in lounge room

I never stop photographing my two little dogs who are now getting older - about 10 and 12. They blend in well with the rug I bought in Morocco years ago.

Daisy and Rosie in bed 
They sleep near the back door and their food and water dishes. They have placemats made by my housesitters a few years ago.  Daisy is the younger one on the left.  Rosie, almost certainly Daisy's mother is the darker one. The RSPCA didn't know their details as they were found abandoned in the street 8 years ago when I took them in.  Now they are my family.