Thursday, 16 March 2017

New painting

I have just finished this painting in acrylic in Michael Winter's class  called Travellers Tales.  I chose a favourite place of mine - Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock, Norway where I walked in 1968 with my friend Janice and again in 1974 with Val.  It was a 4 hour hike mainly over big scree rocks but the fantastic view was worth it. The rock at the top is a big flat square and now seems to attract big crowds of people on it as a major tourist attraction.  No one was there when we went. The scree slope has also been made into a paved path.

This painting is made in acrylic on a canvas 100 x 70cm and it is stylised to give my interpretation of the photo and my experience. Hope you like it.  The original photo which inspired this is below.

I sold this painting soon after it was made to an artist friend of mine although I was keen to keep it because of the memories.  Maybe I can do another sometime!

Pulpit Rock acrylic painting

This is the original photo which was a scanned slide.   I bought a postcard of this view in Stavanger and took it to the tourist office to find out how to get there.  We had a car so crossed a fiord on a punt and drove on unsealed roads up into the mountains.  There was a log building for group accommodation in a meadow and a sign for the hike.  Slashes of red paint on the big scree slope showed us the way.  The second time I came we decided to free camp in the meadow but the midges drove us out very early in the morning.