Friday, 25 November 2016

Semi-abstract paintings

For some time I have been wanting to develop a somewhat different painting style.  This semester I was doing a course with Malcolm Utley,  a Canberra painter who encouraged the class to try new ideas.  These paintings are the result.  I like some more than others, and found it quite challenging as there was no copying from photos - it was all interpretation.  It was refreshing to get away from realism as photography gives me that.

I suspect most people will not like these paintings so don't feel you have to make positive comments. I'm just putting them up as the art I am doing.

Abstract paintings 

This was one of the early small canvases (20x20cm) when I was playing around with lines, shapes and transparent acrylic paints used as glazes.

Semi-abstract paintings

I have always loved colour and design so I interpreted a landscape photograph from the Flinders Ranges to show these.  I think this has been the most successful so far.


Last May I visited Oman and did a trip by 4 wheel drive through the sand dune country.  This is my interpretation of this trip.


I made this painting of rocks in Namibia using a palette knife.  It was a lot of fun to do as colour and texture were the only real concerns.  It also did not take too long to paint.


I have a photograph of a large escarpment in the Grampian Mountains in western Victoria.  I have used this photo before and hoped to show this in an interesting way but I'm not especially happy with it.  I was stressing the sandstone layers in the rocks, and the darker areas in brown squares with trees etc in the front.  The sky seemed boring with no centre of interest so I put some angels in it!!