Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What I've been doing

Nearly a month has passed since my last post and the weather has changed from winter to spring. The daffodils have finished their flowering, the hellebores and polyanthus continue to flower and the bluebells are coming up. 

 The beautiful Floriade Festival has just begun in Canberra - I must make time to visit ... it has over a million blooms and is the only known free one in the world.

I've been busy trying to restore my front garden which was partly destroyed when the electricity authority dug a 10 metre trench to fix their high voltage cable which just happened to be under my driveway.  They were supposed to  restore it ..... but we all know how this never really is done to the standard we want.  I have planted some small native plants which I hope will be OK when I am overseas for 7 weeks soon.

I have been experimenting with abstract painting each fortnight when I paint with a group of artists who did courses with me in the last two years. This is much harder than I expected.  This is one which someone said looks a bit like a map of Europe! It is mainly acrylic but with some collaged paper and board.Mixed media abstract

I entered six paintings into the ASOC (Artists Society of Canberra) Spring Exhibition just over a week ago.  Some were my Greek ones and I also included a couple of watercolours I did some time ago but had never exhibited. Here they are here - I was just learning to paint with watercolours.Country cottage watercolour  Vase of flowers