Monday, 21 August 2017

Scandinavian Journeys - another photo book

This is my latest photo book that I prepared before my recent holiday and have just  uploaded to Blurb.  My printed version will arrive in 2 weeks.  The PDF is available already.  I hope  you enjoy looking at my book as I don't expect anyone to actually buy a copy of my memories!

Scandinavia is my favourite region in Europe and Norway my favourite country.  In 1968 I bought a little Fiat 850 car with my friend Janice who I had met on the overland trip from India.  We spent over 4 months camping and Youth Hostelling in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.  We loved crossing so many fjords on punts and ferries and visiting glaciers in the mountains.  We picked apples in Sweden so we could afford some time in Germany.  It paid more than teaching in England! I returned for a shorter trip in 1974 with another friend, Val. In 1995 I briefly visited Finland again before going to the Baltic countries.