Thursday, 24 July 2014

Some Mixed Media Paintings

My canvas was covered in glue and sand sprinkled on it  to give a rough texture when painted with acrylic paints.  The idea was to give a feeling of Edward Hopper's work.  He was a mainly urban painter and often at dusk or night.  I only had a photo of houses in the daytime so I have attempted here to give a night look by making the sky dark and light in the windows.  It was fun to do.

Urban view in early evening

I had covered a canvas with crushed tissue paper and painted the whole area in yellow ochre.  It had been sitting around for a few months.  I was searching for a design idea and began drawing flasks.  To contrast with the curves of the flasks I began drawing triangles and using different colours for decoration. Most of the yellow ochre was covered although this was not the original intention. Another piece of work that was fun to do.

Fun with flasks

This collage was made for the Squares Exhibition that has just finished at Strathnairn Gallery.  I always love this opportunity each year to do something different on a small canvas.  I decided to do a collage using all the advertising stuff that comes in the mailbox and newspaper every day. The  background at the top has painted paper covered with semitransparent Lutradur polyester sheet.  I have called it Baubles Collage. 

Baubles collage