Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Map of my travels

This is just a bit of  fun.  I found this on someone's blog and thought I would give it a go since I have travelled a lot.  If you want to try it just click on the link below.

visited 110 states (48.8%)
Create your own visited map of The World or jurisdische veraling duits?

I've still got quite a few countries to visit - mainly islands in Africa, the Pacific and West Indies, so doubt I'll make them all!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

More pastel paintings

I have been working in pastels a lot lately and these are two works in very different styles.  Both are on Flickr where there are photos of stages in their making.  This was done so they can be posted on a pastel Flickr group.  Here I will just put the final painting for each.  Click on the photos to go to Flickr and look around.

This painting was done from a card that I was sent years ago - shows a stone circle sculpture using local materials and that is gradually being returned to nature. It is titled Steam Stone Circle, Whites Beach, New Zealand.

Stream Stone Circle , NZ - final stage

This painting was made from a photo I took last year of the entrance to the main market in Cairo.  I was trying out a method of painting the background yellow in acrylic before adding pastel.  The result is that the colours are very warm.  I had hoped to do a more expressive painting but ended up with too much detail for this.  But I hope I've captured the feeling right.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Drypoint Etching

These prints were made with the new press at the Artists Society of Canberra where I belong to a printmaking group.  Jo Hollier, a well known local printmaker gave us some instruction in use of  the press by giving a workshop in drypoint.  Because an acetate sheet is used rather than copper or zinc, there are no noxious chemicals to deal with.  An etching needle makes the pattern, and can be helped by the use of a dremel.  I used part of the drawing I did in the Blue Mountains recently.  Click on the images to get more information on the process.  Chin Colle is the name given to the process with the pink section.

Still life - drypoint etching

Still life - drypoint etching

Still life - drypoint etching

Friday, 11 May 2012

Painting and Sandals!

The title of this blog is rather strange but I did two workshops recently - one in which I made leather sandals and one in which I painted still life with pattern.  This was at the new Contextart Forum held in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney in the autumn school holidays.  For many years I have attended the Textile Fibre Forum which has been residential and held in Mittagong and then Orange in NSW.  Janet de Boer who is the main motivator and organiser has now enlarged the forum (including a name change) to include some straight art courses since textile and fibre artists tend to be interested in all forms of art.  For more information see Tafta.  Schools are used as venues but it is no longer residential.  Since the Blue Mountains area is a popular holiday destination there were many cottages to rent as well as hotels etc. and it was lovely walking in the mist in the mornings and enjoying the lookouts over the steep valleys.  It brought back many childhood memories for me as our holidays were always in this area as we lived in Sydney.  Showing my age, I remember the puffing billy steam trains when we seemed to go so far away..... 

I had always wanted to do one of Yvonne Twining's shoe workshops and finally there was the opportunity for a 2 day one making sandals.  She  also ran a 4 day workshop making non lasted full shoes. We could choose our own designs and be as creative as desired.  It was quite challenging learning how to measure one's feet, cut, glue, sew and ensure one didn't get two left feet!  I of course chose purple leathers as it is my favourite colour and added a little button decoration.  I now have to wait until summer to wear these thongs.

Purple thongs in leather 

 I then did a workshop with Graham Marchant -  Still life with Pattern.  We each brought patterned items from home and set up our still life display.  We then spent time looking carefully at it and making a detailed drawing before painting it.  Some of these items I have had for many years but have never looked so carefully at them!.  The Paraguayan lace in the front and the Polish wooden plate took a lot of concentration.  I used acrylic paints, but some used oils and watercolours.  Here are the results.

Still life with pattern

Still life with pattern