Saturday, 26 May 2012

More pastel paintings

I have been working in pastels a lot lately and these are two works in very different styles.  Both are on Flickr where there are photos of stages in their making.  This was done so they can be posted on a pastel Flickr group.  Here I will just put the final painting for each.  Click on the photos to go to Flickr and look around.

This painting was done from a card that I was sent years ago - shows a stone circle sculpture using local materials and that is gradually being returned to nature. It is titled Steam Stone Circle, Whites Beach, New Zealand.

Stream Stone Circle , NZ - final stage

This painting was made from a photo I took last year of the entrance to the main market in Cairo.  I was trying out a method of painting the background yellow in acrylic before adding pastel.  The result is that the colours are very warm.  I had hoped to do a more expressive painting but ended up with too much detail for this.  But I hope I've captured the feeling right.


Mary said...

Wow, you have been busy since my last visit to your blog - very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Your work is fabulous.both Charmaine wind I were most impressed with your pastels,Val