Monday, 15 July 2013

My Photo Books

Although I am still doing pastel painting each Wednesday, and Printmaking on Tuesdays,  I have spent a lot of time at the computer completing my third photo book.  I gave the link to my first one early this year but don't think I have given links to the other two.

I use Blurb and am very pleased with it's BookSmart software which can be easily customised.  I have decided that books last longer than digital records so am gradually scanning many of my slides and creating books that can be passed down in the family.  What's more it's allowing me to relive my travel experiences.

This is the link where you can preview (and even purchase!) all three books

My largest book is the one called "London Overland from Asia", a journey which was begun in February 1968 with a simple Kodak Retinette 1a camera with no light meter, no distance, no focus.  All was set manually and that is when I learnt so much about photography.  As my mother kept all the aerogrammes I wrote home, I was able to use them to add to the experience.  Fortunately I also had a database with the captions of all the photos.

I have only just uploaded my "Kashmir on a houseboat" book so will expect the printed copy in a couple of weeks.  Here is a taster - the cover photograph