Friday, 1 February 2019

Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar

This is a YouTube video I made from 500 photos I took on my camera and my iPhone last November.  I went on my first ever cruise on the Fred Olsen Line as I was so interested in these island countries that I had not seen.  We were supposed to visit Reunion as well but unfortunately the port was closed due to the French fuel tax issue which caused riots.

Many photos give ideas of the landscape, houses etc but are not great photos since photographing from a moving bus is far from ideal.  I hoped to be able to idently more ot the plants but again that became too hard.

Photos of the ship and resorts were fun.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Mediterranean Europe

I have just finished making this book and hope you will be interested to look at it - 228 pages! It covers some of my travels in 1968, 1969 and 1974 - especially good for history buffs! I really have been making these photobooks for myself so I can relive my memories.

I have scanned the many slides I took while travelling in Europe and delved into my diaries to make the book.  The countries included are Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy.  France will be my next book.  Yugoslavia, Albania and Turkey are in previous books.  Malta and Sicily have been visited more recently and have digital images.

Friday, 14 September 2018


I made an edition of 10 of this linoprint to send to the International Print Exchange in the UK. There were three linocuts printed in different colours to make the print. It is only 10cm square. I have just noticed that the one I photographed is not the best....  but the colours are true using Akua inks.

Linocut "Trees"

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Germany and the Baltic countries - photobook

When  you click on the cover of this book there is a link which will take you to the whole book. I have set it up so you can see the whole book in fullscreen mode as I don't expect you to buy a book of my travels.

I decided to make books when someone said that the first thing thrown out when you die are the photos and slides.  I hated the idea of this as it was throwing out 7 years of my life experiences.  I already had kept captions of slides in a database and had bought an excellent scanner when I retired so decided to get to work - a big project!  I know I will not manage to do all countries but as a geographer would do a fair few, starting with the big overland trips I did.  I have done 20 books so far.  I doubt I will ever get to the Australian ones but they are more familiar to most people I know.

I am really enjoying the scanning all my old slides (the scanner & TV are close by so boredom is minimised) as it is my way of reliving my experiences.  After all TRAVEL has been my life! 

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Japan trip 2018

I made this You Tube video of the photos I took of my recent trip to Japan with Bunnik Tours.  It seems that full screen mode is not available here so it may be better to watch it on the You Tube site.  Some photos are not as good as I would like but there was often little time to stop and compose photos. When with a group one has to make sure not to get lost!

I was very impressed with Japan - so different in every way to other Asian countries.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Switzerland and Austria photobook

This is my latest photobook.  The software seems to have changed and one can no longer just click on the book cover too go straight to the whole book at Blurb.  But I have discovered that you can do so by clicking on the cover and clicking the link in the small print.  Look at the book in full screen mode.

The link with the "Check out my books" shows all 19 books I have made.  Enjoy looking at those you are interested in .

Check out my books

Friday, 22 December 2017

Four more paintings to end the year

Here are two acrylic paintings and two pastels that I have done this year - all different.

This first one in acrylic was in response to Michael's request to do a painting using two quite different themes or places.  I started with a painting of red sand dunes in Namibia with a dead tree.  On top of this I painted one of the waterfalls of Iguassu Falls in South America.  I added the little boat as I travelled in one just like this in 1973 at the mercy of the rower.

Acrylic Painting

This acrylic painting was my interpretation of rice terraces and mountains in Bhutan.   I decided to use a colour palette which was very unusual for me but I'm quite pleased with the lightness it conveys.  I always like to add some design elements.

Mixed Media Painting

I returned to pastels late in the year and these are the results.  Somewhat more realistic than others I have done recently.

This one is looking over the river from southern Tajikistan into Northern Afghanistan.  Very little water and lots of pebbles making it a braided river.  One of the main routes for drugs crossing so some people in Dushanbe can live like kings.  It was very wild country here and no one on the rough roads.

Pastel Painting

This was the last pastel painting I did this year.  It was based on Iguassu Falls in South America (on the border of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina).  They are the best waterfalls in the world.

Pastel Painting

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Lino Prints and Collagraphs


I did a two day collagraph workshop recently with Jo Hollier.  This photograph shows my sample collagraph plate and two prints from it using a printing press.

The plate is at the bottom using a thin piece of plywood although heavy cardboard is OK too.  There are 18 different types of materials/objects that I might like to use to make a plate that can be printed many times.  They must be very low relief - maybe 5mm to work well.

The blue print is printed like linocuts in relief method with only the raised surface printing.
The red print is printed like etching using intaglio with the paper (which has been soaked) embossed as the lower parts of the plate are printed. The ink is wiped from the surface before printing.



This linocut printed in red ink by hand came from my doodling in a drawing book one day.  There is no particular meaning just fun designing.

Lino print

This lino print of chairs was more interesting and done as a reduction print cutting away each colour as it is printed.  Again it was done by hand rather than the press and I thought the blue paper was more effective than white.

Reduction lino print

These lino prints were again done by hand.  I like the purple one best. The coloured one I did some time ago and used a brush to add ink/paint to the print.  I like the colours but the technique was not great - designed more to save time!

Lino print

Linoprint of fruit

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Sri Lanka and Maldives 2017

This is a YouTube video I made from my photos from my recent trip.  Use fullscreen to see the captions

Monday, 21 August 2017

Scandinavian Journeys - another photo book

This is my latest photo book that I prepared before my recent holiday and have just  uploaded to Blurb.  My printed version will arrive in 2 weeks.  The PDF is available already.  I hope  you enjoy looking at my book as I don't expect anyone to actually buy a copy of my memories!

Scandinavia is my favourite region in Europe and Norway my favourite country.  In 1968 I bought a little Fiat 850 car with my friend Janice who I had met on the overland trip from India.  We spent over 4 months camping and Youth Hostelling in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.  We loved crossing so many fjords on punts and ferries and visiting glaciers in the mountains.  We picked apples in Sweden so we could afford some time in Germany.  It paid more than teaching in England! I returned for a shorter trip in 1974 with another friend, Val. In 1995 I briefly visited Finland again before going to the Baltic countries.