Saturday, 12 September 2020

Photobook on my three years living in Toronto, Canada 1970-73

This is the largest photobook I have made and in many ways is social history. I have enjoyed scanning slides and making the book by looking through all the letters I wrote home 50 years ago. Toronto is my second home.

Click on the cover here to get the link which  will take you to the Blurb page where you can see the whole book.  I don't expect anyone to buy it but it is free to look and enjoy.

The book is especially large as it includes most of the weekend trips we did as well as longer ones at easter and school holidays.  This included some in America as well as Canada.  

Two big American trips will be in my next book.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Photobook on Autumn in Canada in 2002

The main reason for this trip in autumn 2002 was to participate in Freeman Patterson's residential photography course in New Brunswick.  The latter part of this book has some of the photos I made there.  It was a magic experience with fall colours and lakes. The cover photo is a montage.

My friend Joan came with me as she had not seen Canada.  We briefly went to Hawaii to see the volcanic features and then began our travels in Vancouver by renting a car - a Ford Mustang! We walked in the national parks in the Rockies and visited several of my friends.  There was also a mini school reunion in Toronto where I taught high school for 3 years in the early seventies.

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Photobook on Chile

It was only in early March this year that I began my Bunnik tour to Chile and Argentina.  But half way through the COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and we all had to come home.  So disappointing not to cross the Andes into Argentina and travel south through Patagonia to see all the amazing mountains and glaciers.  But it was not to be!

Click on the book cover here and then on the link.  You will then be able to look at all the pages at Blurb.  Hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Photobook Canada and USA - Rocky Mountains

Once more I have been scanning hundreds of slides from my time living in Canada from  1970 - 1973.  This book is about the two trips I made by car to the Rocky Mountains in Canada and the USA in the summers of 1972 and 1973.  Australian friends, two of whom I met in Toronto came with Janice and I in 1971and we camped nearly all the time in National Parks and Monuments.  We loved the hikes we did with the amazing scenery.  In 1972 Janice and I went to Mexico (in a separate book) I and spent time in the western USA on the way back to Canada.

Val, Janice and I did another big trip to Canada's maritime provinces and more of the USA in 1973 before we left for South America.  This will be another book.


Hope some of you will enjoy looking at my book. All the pages are available for viewing - I don't expect anyone to buy it as the book contains my memories.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Photobook of my solo trip by car in Europe

I have just finished this photobook with some written part from my diary in 2007 when I did a solo drive to four countries in Europe.

I hope you will enjoy looking at it as I have set it up so that you can see all the book without buying. And it doesn't affect your download.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Paintings on Interiors done this year

I attended classes this semester with Michael Winters where we looked at the Australian women artists of Grace Cossington Smith, Margaret Olley and Elizabeth Cummings. The course was about how they treated Interiors as a subject in quite different ways.  The outcome were some acrylic paintings on 100 x 60 canvases using the rooms in my own house.

If interested they have a lot of work on the internet.

Interior - my house

After Grace Cossington Smith, a Sydney artist who used lots of broken colour in her interiors.

Interior - still life in my dining room

This shows a Chinese still life on a piece of Paraguayan lace on my dining table.  It is an interior but not in a particular style.  It was supposed to represent Margaret Olley's detail but is nothing like her  work.

Interior my house

Elizabeth Cummings is still alive in her 80s and shows an amazing use of colour, semi-abstract work but very difficult to get a handle on her style.  There are no straight lines but lots of line variation.

Interior of my house

This painting is on A3 paper and is emphasising space as well as plain flat colour with some collage. I really enjoyed doing this.

Interior of my house

This painting is similar in style but painting in acrylic on canvas.  Fun to do at the end of the course.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

France and Netherlands photobook

I have just finished scanning nearly 700 slides and making this book.  I hope you will enjoy looking at it.  I have included some anecdotes from my diaries as well as photos. 

Just click on the cover and then on the blurb link which will take you to the complete book.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

More paintings and linocut prints

These are some recent linocut prints that I have made.  They are my take on landscapes.

Linoprint landscape (2)

Linoprint landscape (1)

Linoprint landscape

Linocut "Trees"

This is a small print (10 cm square) called 'Trees' .  It is an artist's proof for an edition of 10 that I sent to the International Print Exchange in the UK in 2018.  It is printed on Kozo Japanese paper.

Soft Pastel Paintings

Sand dunes

This shows sand dunes in the Gobi Desert from one of my photos from my visit there several years ago.

Wooldyers of Marrakesh

This is from a photograph I made in 1970 of the souk of the Wooldyers of Marrakesh in Morocco.  The dyed skeins are strung above the pathway to dry.

Escarpment Western Australia

This pastel painting is inspired by a friend's photo in Karijini National Park in Western Australia. The huge escarpments dropping down to the trees were amazing.

Watercolour paintings
These were done at a workshop last month.  I hadn't worked in watercolour for many years and it was fun to get back into it.


Australian wildflowers - banksias

Rocks Namibia

Large rocks in Namibia from a photo I took there years ago

Friday, 1 February 2019

Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar

This is a YouTube video I made from 500 photos I took on my camera and my iPhone last November.  I went on my first ever cruise on the Fred Olsen Line as I was so interested in these island countries that I had not seen.  We were supposed to visit Reunion as well but unfortunately the port was closed due to the French fuel tax issue which caused riots.

Many photos give ideas of the landscape, houses etc but are not great photos since photographing from a moving bus is far from ideal.  I hoped to be able to idently more ot the plants but again that became too hard.

Photos of the ship and resorts were fun.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Mediterranean Europe

I have just finished making this book and hope you will be interested to look at it - 228 pages! It covers some of my travels in 1968, 1969 and 1974 - especially good for history buffs! I really have been making these photobooks for myself so I can relive my memories.

I have scanned the many slides I took while travelling in Europe and delved into my diaries to make the book.  The countries included are Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy.  France will be my next book.  Yugoslavia, Albania and Turkey are in previous books.  Malta and Sicily have been visited more recently and have digital images.