Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Rosie & Daisy

Rosie & Daisy by banksias
Rosie & Daisy, a photo by banksias on Flickr.
Was looking through the many photos of my two lovely Lhasa Apsos and couldn't resist posting this one even though it was taken a long time ago when I was making a wall hanging and had lots of wool in baskets.  Then below is a more recent one - Daisy on the right is the cheeky one.

Rosie & Daisy


Mary said...

They are so beautiful. They remind me of my sister's dog, Penny, who is a bitzer but must have some common heritage with your dogs. If you want to see her, she is at

Michelle said...

Oh, the CUTENESS!!! :D

Ruth Lathlean said...

Thanks for the comments. Penny does look somewhat like mine. They spend a lot of time asleep on the couch this winter.