Friday, 10 June 2016

Sicily April 2016

This was a trip I did with others from my art group.  I had seen other parts of Italy and had always wanted to go to Sicily where Val and I were headed in 1973 but unfortunately were robbed and had to return to Rome to get a passport.

We briefly stayed in Catania after our flight before joining the small group in Ortegia (part of  Syracuse) on the Art Incontro trip.   We stayed in apartments and spent a lot of time sightseeing, visiting galleries & museums and doing printmaking - lino, woodcut and collagraph.  And some small artists' books.

I made some slideshows of my photos and decided to try and put them on my blog but soon found I had to first put them on You Tube.  So you can see them there or on this blog.  I posted the first two a few days ago and here is the larger of the three slideshows which I have saved as a video.

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