Saturday, 7 May 2011

Stained glass picture and National Museum painting

I am soon taking part in an exhibition of art inspired by last year's trip to the Greek islands of Leros, Patmos and Lipsos.  Several gouache paintings from this were placed on this blog last year, but I decided to do one in glass.  The theme is houses in Lipsos.  The picture is meant to be hung in a window.  I've added two photos of this glass piece - one taken on a light table and one hanging on my deck.  The latter of course shows the trees coming through the largely transparent glass.  I love working in glass, but this was quite a hard project since there were so many small pieces of glass to handle.  All were wrapped in copper foil and soldered in the Tiffany style.

Stained glass picture 

Stained glass picture

Acrylic painting
This acrylic painting was another one done in the style of Jeffrey Smart.  Although taken from a photograph of mine of part of the National Museum in Canberra, I have changed some aspects to make it more surreal.

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