Thursday, 8 January 2009

Tapestry Weaving

These are some of the tapestry weavings I have done as assignments in the correspondence course I have been studying for the last 3 years.... and will continue for at least another 3 years. It began as a Diploma of Arts (Tapestry) but has recently been changed to a Diploma of Tapestry. It is offered by SW TAFE, Warrnambool, a city in western Victoria. The course has been offered for over 20 years and several students from overseas are enrolled.

I am not an expert as there is much to learn technically and in designing. It is a very slow process and one where you spend a lot of time working alone.... can be quite meditative.

Click on the photos to find out more information on each one.

Books on shelves miniature

Reflections from stained glass window Abstract from environment
Navajo tapestry miniature
Semi-abstract landscape
Abstract from still life
Hot air balloons in Canberra

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