Friday, 2 January 2009

Botanic Gardens

This morning I went walking with friends in the Botanic Gardens. This is something we do every Friday morning. The National Botanic Gardens only have Australian native plants in them and I love to watch their developments over time and often photograph the flowers. Here are a few. The first is Eucalyptus Caesia, the next is Bulbine Bulbosa and the third is a straw flower (forgotten botanical name)

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Annette Dunphy said...


What a great idea to use this venue for your newsletter instead of doing one out and sending it as an attachment. I so enjoyed viewing your photos, especially the ones of your garden and the stained-glass window, so beautiful.

Thank you for the send and please put me on a list for updates when you do them so that I can keep up.

Love and hugs,from Kitchener and all the best in 2009.