Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Lino Prints and Collagraphs


I did a two day collagraph workshop recently with Jo Hollier.  This photograph shows my sample collagraph plate and two prints from it using a printing press.

The plate is at the bottom using a thin piece of plywood although heavy cardboard is OK too.  There are 18 different types of materials/objects that I might like to use to make a plate that can be printed many times.  They must be very low relief - maybe 5mm to work well.

The blue print is printed like linocuts in relief method with only the raised surface printing.
The red print is printed like etching using intaglio with the paper (which has been soaked) embossed as the lower parts of the plate are printed. The ink is wiped from the surface before printing.



This linocut printed in red ink by hand came from my doodling in a drawing book one day.  There is no particular meaning just fun designing.

Lino print

This lino print of chairs was more interesting and done as a reduction print cutting away each colour as it is printed.  Again it was done by hand rather than the press and I thought the blue paper was more effective than white.

Reduction lino print

These lino prints were again done by hand.  I like the purple one best. The coloured one I did some time ago and used a brush to add ink/paint to the print.  I like the colours but the technique was not great - designed more to save time!

Lino print

Linoprint of fruit

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