Friday, 12 May 2017


This poster was inspired by my stay on a houseboat on Lake Nigeen in Kashmir many years ago.  Every morning the flower seller paddled quietly across the lake so we could purchase flowers.  They were stunning in colour and who could resist.  In fact we had many visitors such as the tailor and the jeweller.  And of course our housekeeper and cook who served all our meals in a very English environment.  One of my Blurb photobooks is on Kashmir and can be seen in the online Blurb bookstore.

The idea for a poster was given by Michael Winters whose course "Travellers Tales" I have been doing this semester.  The canvas was large 100x70 cm similar to the last painting in this blog.  We were to add one word only, not the name of the place.  It was fun designing a graphic appearance with striking colours.

Flower Seller in Kashmir

This is a much smaller painting designed to show travellers moving or waiting or ......

I chose the reclining chairs in Dubai airport for those who have a long wait.  They are very popular and there are never enough.

Dubai airport waiting

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