Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Class Act - art exhibition

Many of you know I have been doing art classes on and off for several years with Michael Winters at the Strathnairn Homestead Arts Centre on the outskirts of Canberra.  Last year it was proposed that we have an art exhibition showing some of the work of Michael's former students.  30 of us rose to the challenge and Michael asked the Centre for Continuing Education at the Australian National University to organise it.  His classes are the only off-campus ones run through the CCE. Others are at ANU Art School where parking is difficult and there is no bush environment.

It was decided to use the old woolshed at Strathnairn which had been somewhat restored and was up the hill behind the main building. Arrangements were made to put up several partition walls for hanging and last Sunday we all brought 5 artworks that had been made in the last 4 years in one of Michael's many semester classes.  We only expected to have one or two each hung but yesterday, which was the opening, we found that all our work was up. Great!

Here is the invitation.  Bronwyn King took the photo from a recent class.

We all agreed the exhibition looked great, surpassing our expectations.  The next three photos were taken at the opening.  Michael gave an excellent speech and was in full flight with others, including me in the mauve jumper.  I was with family members David and Kara Martin from Sydney.  The exhibition was very successful and very colourful, showing off our various styles and reflections of some of the famous artists we had studied.  Two of my paintings are in these pictures.  I think all are somewhere on this blog over the last four or so years. The huge paintings on multiple canvases put together are still on my walls at home! A few brave people brought theirs.  I will take more photos when I am on duty minding the exhibition in the next three weeks.

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Bron King said...

I think the exhibition is terrific Ruth and what a great turn-out for the opening! Thanks for the photograph acknowledgement it means a lot to me. cheers Bron