Monday, 12 January 2015

Vale - my Rosie and Daisy

Sadly last week I had to take Rosie to the vet as she was beginning to suffer.  At 17 she was blind and deaf and her back legs were starting to go.  She still liked to eat but I was worried she would fall off the edge of the deck where she sometimes wandered bumping into things.  Daisy was also blind and her life ceased last year when she was often lost in the garden at night in the freezing cold of winter.  She was probably the offspring of Rosie and a couple of years younger.  Both came from the RSPCA - they were found together wandering the streets of a Canberra suburb with their long hair all matted.  I took them both as they were clearly dependent on each other.

They are both now in doggy heaven as they were such gorgeous little dogs who were my family.  I miss them very much.  These photos were taken 4 years ago but show their personalities.

My dog -  Daisy

My dog - Rosie

My dogs - Rosie and Daisy
Daisy & Rosie with knitted jumpers in their beds

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