Monday, 2 April 2012

Pastel Paintings

I have returned to painting with pastels as the colours are so clear. Although not very experienced in this medium I was quite pleased with the following two paintings of Lake Mungo National Park in southern NSW. I have been there many times, always trying to take the ultimate photographs at sunrise and sunset. I usually camp although there is some accommodation there now apart from the shearer's quarters from days gone by. It's one of my favourite remote places.

Lake Mungo National Park, NSW 

Lake Mungo National Park, NSW


Anonymous said...

These are really very good Ruth. You should be very pleased with your results. i think you have used the pastels exceptionally well. Lake Mungo is on my must go there list, like so many places. For now I'm enjoying my favourite time of year in Bendigo. Take care Pat said...

beautiful colour and day I will try pastels, I really loved your recent photos

Mary said...

Wonderful works. I really like the bottom one, I can just see the effects of the wind and the early (or late?) sun. This medium really seems to suit you.