Friday, 1 April 2011

Palette Knife Painting

I have done very little work with a palette knife, and I really enjoyed painting this big painting using one. The canvas is 1000 x 700mm.  It was a challenge for many of us in my art class as we had our easels set up.   I interpreted the photo I began with quite widely as I love to do, adding colours that were more in my mind than in the photo.  The background on the left had fine sand stuck on it in places and then the acrylic paint used like watercolour to create a different kind of finer texture.

Tree bark acrylic painting


chris hobel said...

I can see tree bark in this, can you post the photoref for this. Looks like a lot of fun

Mary said...

I, too, can see the bark. I love it, and now that I have seen the original, I admire the way you feel so free to put in what is in your mind. Lovely.