Monday, 29 November 2010

Tapestry Weaving finished at last

Tapestry finished!
At last I have finished weaving this tapestry, the largest I have done for my Tapestry Diploma course.  Is about 46cm wide and 86cm tall.  It is based on a part of an abstract collage I did earlier this year.  This is the first time I have used mixed thread for the whole work but basically it is a colour study.  Mostly woven with 2ply wool, but with a little mohair added to achieve the colours and textures I wanted.  I also used some synthetic yarn and some small beads (hard to see) are added to the centres of the dark shapes.  Many of the colours are hatched into each other and I should have done more of this in the earlier part at the bottom but I was just feeling my way then.  Sewing up vertical slits is not my favourite task but I had some quite long slits to sew as I went.

I have 5cm hems turned under at top and bottom and sewn securely.  I have also sewn velcro to the hem at the top and attached an aluminium batten with velcro stuck on to it for mounting.  There is a slight shadow line across the photo near the top but this does not show on the actual tapestry.

I really enjoyed the experience of playing with colours and choosing ones to go together in the bobbins I used to weave with. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth
Deb told me you had finished so I've just had a look. You must be very pleased with how it has turned out. It looks terrific and will be one of those tapestries where people look and look again each time seeing something different in it.
Well done you for getting through the year. It's a great achievement.