Saturday, 5 June 2010

Surreal urban landscape

Another painting in the style of Jeffrey Smart. It was composed from parts of several photographs around Canberra.  I enjoyed playing with the picture elements such as distorting the perspective, adding shadows from outside, blending the colours.  At times it was hard in acrylic which tends to dry quickly but it was still possible and a lot of fun.  It is now on the wall of my home as I like the bright colours which go well with my large stained glass window.  The latter was one of the earliest entries on this blog.

I am leaving soon on a painting holiday to the Greek Islands so hope to bring back lots of sketches, paintings and photographs.  Three of us are then going to Malta for a week with a 3 night stopover in Dubai on the way home.  So in 5 weeks time  I hope to have more to share on this blog - maybe a little later as it will all need organising.

Surreal urban landscape

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chris hobel said...

Wow, you have done a fantastic job with all those straight lines and beautiful blending. Im sure it will brighten up a Canberra winter. Enjoy your trip and thanks for the brochure.