Saturday, 27 December 2008

My Garden

This grevillea, an Australian native plant, is grown in my garden. There are many varieties and colours but always very distinctive in form.

My back deck is a great place for entertaining and enjoying garden views. The pergola is covered by Virginia Creeper.

The azaleas always look colourful near the side gate in spring.

As my house is on a sloping block, this is a view down into the back garden


Who are they said...

awesome garden! i could stay there and contemplate the meaning of life...

Juha V. Mentu said...

Greetings from Finland! We have now winter here, only 5 to 6 daylight hours daily.

You have an excellent garden! We have moved from the city to su-urban, on the shore of big Lake Päijänne. My wife is part-time retired from her school work (as a nurse), and can now work in a small garden of our own.

I am an amateur drawer. Please see:

Happy New Year 2009!